Make your gaming transactions safe and fair from end to end with our API-REST


Integrates our product portfolio. Allow users to have access to all the benefits of Blockchain technology without having to carry out complex developments.

Blockchain Certification for Random Number Generator

Digital Identity
Providing a portable, electronic file that allows users to access protected systems with decentralized authentication and biometric security. Full compliance with GDPRS.

Build your Loyalty System with Tokens and Wallets

Information certification
Certify the content, creator and timestamp of any digital file or transaction delivering total transparency and traceability

Digital Signature
Allows users to sign contracts or any documents in the safest and most convenient way, anywhere, anytime. Our system validates contract content, identities of signatories and the timestamp

Encrypted communications
Securely share information stored in any data source

Image certification
Geolocation at the time of capture and real time registration to Blockchain


Consulting to Regulators, Suppliers, Operators and Labs

Building Consortiums with Industry Associations

Business Opportunity Workshops and Product Strategy Assessment

Key Note Presentations, Training and Recruiting

Customized projects for the creation of private permissioned Blockchain consortiums

Bespoke development

Rais Busom

Founder & CEO
Almost 20 years of international experience in different industries like Software, Internet-Mobile, Consulting, Social Gaming and Real Money Gaming

I Managed & Advise Six Digital Real Money B2C Operations,,, (now,,,

I Managed & Advise Three Digital B2B Divisions
Cirsa Global Internet TV, Zitro Interactive, R. Franco Digital

I Started and Managed One Social Gaming Operation
World of Bingo

I helped to launch & develop Innovative Products
Cirsagames (Games & Platform), iSlot (First SBG Slot), Maxwell Bingo (Enhanced Traditional Bingo), InnoQuotient (Innovation Assessment Platform), others under NDA.
How it works
Secure communication encription

Gaming Transactions

Secure transactions
Secure image certification
Secure blockchain RNG certification

Onboarding & Registration, KYC, AML, Fraud

Secure digital id
Secure transfer personal data
Secure digital signature
secure SSO-BID
Secure documents certification

Loyalty & Payments

Secure blockchain token

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